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7 Questions You Should Be Asking Right Now

April 11, 2016 , 3 minutes read , By Alan Belkin

7 Questions You Should Be Asking Right Now

Taking the time to ask great quality questions is the source of all human progress.

The mind cannot ask a question which it already doesn’t have the answer to, however, we disregard the answer from within to seek opinions from without in order to allay our irrational fears.

In my business career so far there have been moments where 1 questions has changed the direction of my life profoundly.

When I was 23 years old I asked the question: What if I combined my marketing agency with my electricity call center and generated online leads? ElectricityWizard was born.

Now 27, a little wiser (questionably), I am sitting pondering what question to ask next and what possible destiny(ation) it will bring about.

Noticing the patterns of questioning that you undergo is a useful indicator to the likely direction your life is heading in.

Often we look to the circumstances to determine the heading however, a more accurate way to determine our likely futures is to look at the questions we are asking.

Our questions determine our focus, the actions we take and therefore the likely circumstances we will attract.

I spent most of my day asking the following questions today:

  1. What are my 7 highest priority action steps I cant take to fulfill on my mission?
  2. What is my mission?
  3. What is it that is in the way of me fulfilling on my mission?
  4. What are the specific fears that I perceive are in the way?
  5. Where is it and in what form do I possess the exact same traits that I perceive in others?
  6. What are the benefits of my fears eventuating?
  7. What are the drawbacks of my fears not eventuating?

The first 3 questions are strategic in nature and are designed to bring clarity to the perceived roadblocks that are in the way of my achieving my mission.

The next 4 questions are tactical, designed to equilibrate and dissolve any fears that are in the way.

The outcome of those questions is this post, the first of its kind where I am beginning to start sharing my life in a more transparent and open way with the world.

A big thank you to John Demartini (drdemartini.com) for his wisdom and mentorship for the last 18 months.


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